Official Terms and Conditions of Acadsoc Better Grade Guarantee

As we are once striving students ourselves, we understand your needs as well as your difficulties in studying more than anyone else. Our Acadsoc tutors are now here to help you improve your grades in your upcoming exam. We are not talking about just half-a-grade, instead we are aiming to help you raise a full-letter-grade (equivalent to ten points), meaning, for example, from a C to a B, or from a B- to an A-. We are so confident that we are pleased to offer our students a Money Back Guarantee if our students fail to achieve a full-letter-grade improvement with the following conditions:

  • Tutoring Time

    To qualify for the guarantee, a student must have taken classes with our Acadsoc tutors for a minimum of 240 minutes per month, for six consecutive months; in other words, the student has to complete four one-hour paid lessons each month for six continuous months. Any Free Trial, Discounted Trial, or offerings would not be counted as part of the guarantee scheme.

    Acadsoc gives assurances to the quality of each online tutorial. If a student is not satisfied with the standard of a session and requests for a refund, the time he or she spent in that session will not be counted as part of the 240 minutes that month. A one-week grace period will be allowed to re-do the unsatisfactory session, provided that the student's unsatisfactory session happens within 5 days to the end of the month.

  • Subject

    Acadsoc knows that each student might have more than one subject he or she needs assistance with, and all our tutors are always keen on giving a hand. Still, in order to be covered by our guarantee, each student has to spend at least four hours each month learning on ONE particular subject. For example: if three one-hour lessons are spent on learning Economics this month, and one hour is spent on learning Algebra, such a month is not qualified as a full month towards the guarantee for Economics.

  • Student's Age and Learning Ability

    Acadsoc Better Grade Guarantee covers students aged 11 and/or above with no learning disability. Still, we would like to have our guarantee to cover as many students as possible; for students who are suffering from learning disability please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service representatives for more detailed discussion.

  • Student's School and Grade

    To become eligible for the guarantee, a student must live in the United States and is currently in Grade seven to Grade twelve with enrollment in an accredited public, private, parochial, or charter school in the United States. If it is an online school, the school has to be fully accredited and it has to be located in the United States.

    Also, the student must have been taking Mathematics for six months, or be transitioning from a prerequisite course without a break longer than three months.

    If a student starts with Acadsoc in the beginning of a term, and has not received his or her first grade, Acadsoc will look into his or her final grade in the prerequisite course as a starting point for grade comparison.

  • Grading System

    We understand that different schools have different grading systems for academic measurement, and we guarantee that each student will achieve at least an improvement of a full-letter grade. To be qualified for our Better Grade Guarantee, a student's school report must generate grade in the following format:

    - Numerical grading system (one full-letter grade equivalent to ten points)

    - Alphabetical grading system (with or without pluses and minuses)

    Unfortunately, Acadsoc Better Grade Guarantee currently does not cover coarse scales such as U, S, VS or Pass/Fail. For outstanding students who start with an A in a subject (or within 10% of the highest numerical grade), please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service representatives for more detailed discussion.

  • Assignments and Exams

    Students are highly required to give their best effort in learning the materials and must complete all major assignments and exams. If a student's grade does not improve because he or she failed to show up for his or her exam, or did not complete an important project, paper or take-home exam, the student will not be eligible for our Acadsoc Better Grade Guarantee.

  • Application Process

    For students who request for a refund under our guarantee, they are required to contact our Customer Service representatives and to have signed a form with us with his or her parents, authorizing the school to release his or her academic records for verification.

    For a student who is qualified for the refund under our guarantee, Acadsoc will refund 100% of the tutoring fee on the qualifying subject, up to a maximum of US$700.

There is a limit of one refund per family and/or household.

Any filing of a false claim is considered fraud.

Refunds will be issued in the form of PayPal or any other method chosen by Acadsoc, and only to the person who paid for the tutoring.