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“Living organisms are created by chemistry. We are huge packages of chemicals.” --David Christian

Now we are offering some Best Price Plans for you to tackle your assignment problems in General, Organic, Analytic and Quantum Chemistry and other related topics.

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    Our Chemistry Tutors

    Sushmaja B.

    Chemistry, Physics, Math

    Arun Kumar L.

    Chemistry, Physics, Math, MicroSoft Excel

    Chitra K.

    Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I, Algebra II

    Jun Ho S.

    Chemistry, Science, Math

    Xiaoyuan D.

    Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry

    Jie W.


    Arun Kumar L.

    Chemistry, Physics, Algebra I & II

    Mike P.

    Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus

    Rohan Yogesh Z.

    Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry

    Xinchen L.

    Algebra, Geometry, Calculus

    Manan V.

    Calculus, Trigonometry

    Danny T.

    Calculus I, Calculus II

    Pooja P.


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    I like my tutor. He is helpful. Joanna Smith, Grade 8, New Jersey
    My tutor gave constructive advices on my uni assignment. Brandon Rice, Year 1, Georgia
    This is a surprise to see online tutoring does work. Daniel Kim, Grade 10, New York
    Nice tutor, pretty easy to follow. Roth Thomas, Grade 12, Georgia

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