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“All of physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it and then it becomes trivial.” -- Ernest Rutherford

Now Acadsoc is offering you help from professional tutors on American middle school and high school Physics from numerical problems to lab reports.

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    Our Physics Tutors

    Sushmaja B.

    Physics, Chemistry, Math

    Arun Kumar L.

    Physics, Chemistry, Math, MicroSoft Excel

    Chitra K.

    Physics, Algebra I, Algebra II

    Jun Ho S.

    Physics, Science, Math

    Xiaoyuan D.

    Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

    Jie W.


    Arun Kumar L.

    Physics, Algebra I & II, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus

    Mike P.

    Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus

    Rohan Yogesh Z.

    Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry

    Xinchen L.

    Algebra, Geometry, Calculus

    Manan V.

    Calculus, Trigonometry

    Danny T.

    Calculus I, Calculus II

    Pooja P.


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    Our Student Say

    It is a good introduction to Physics. Now I know what Newton’s Laws are about. James Lee, Grade 8, New York
    Very solid class structure and I have got my assignment completed in a tick. Heather Hall, Grade 12, West Virginia
    The tutor is COOL. I think he is smart. Louis Miller, Grade 7, Ohio
    Awesome Tutor! Ron McCoy, Grade 7, lowa
    The tutor was so helpful. He shared with me his tips on revision, and that has led me through my exam. Tammy Campbell, Grade 10, Vermont
    This is exactly the level of information I was hoping for, not too academic nor overly simple for my standard. Joshua Baker, Grade 12, West Virginia

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