Acadsoc is an advanced online education platform for languages, academic subjects as well as skills. Students and tutors can come together to learn and teach anytime and anywhere as needed.

We believe that knowledge can change people's lives, and by sharing it, we could provide equal learning opportunities for all and change the world we are living in. Because of that, we hold our mission as to offer everyone in the world the most reliable, affordable and efficient learning and teaching platform.


Acadsoc is now offering Online Tutoring, Study Abroad Consultancy, and Video Learning services. We will be bringing in more exciting programmes onto the platform in the very near future.

Online Tutoring

Acadsoc provides a powerful interactive platform to teach and to learn with Acadsoc E-Classroom. The platform has more than 3,000 tutors from all over the world helping students to create an effective learning style and matches the needs of individuals to suitable tutors. 2,000 sessions are conducted each month. Students and tutors are drawn to Acadsoc because of the high flexibility. Whatever topic or course that interests you, Acadsoc is here to help.

Study Abroad (Consultancy Service)

Wish to study overseas? Acadsoc can help you to fulfill your dream to study abroad. Acadsoc Study Abroad Consultancy provides you with abundant schools to choose from. With Acadsoc’s help, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality of consulting service to help you learn all you need about studying abroad. The best part of all is that our consulting service is free of charge!

Video Learning

Whether you are an enthusiastic tutor or a curious student, Acadsoc understands teaching and learning should not be limited by time constraint. On the Acadsoc Video Learning Platform, there are educational videos of various areas, from academic subjects to historical documentaries. Apart from videos from diverse sources, Acadsoc has also invited passionate tutors of different expertise and help them make their video lectures.

Why Choose Acadsoc

      Acadsoc Other Online Tutoring Providers
    Tutor Choice x
    Expert & Brightest Tutors o
    Live Tutoring Tool E-Classroom o
    Session Recording for Replay & Review x
    Convenience and Flexibility High Might be low
    Schedule Long-Term Sessions in Advance x
    24/7 Customer Service Support x
    Affordability & Cost Acceptable for most Might be challenging

How Does Acadsoc Online Tutoring Work?

  • Tutor posts a course listing with information about the subject taught, pricing, availability as well as tutor’s teaching experiences and certificates.
  • Student searches the course list for a course he (or she) would like to take.
  • After selecting a course, student chooses his available class time in the course schedule and makes payment with Acadsoc Credits (AC). AC are protected by Acadsoc until the class is completed.
  • Tutor and student conduct the class using E-Classroom.
  • AC are released to tutor once the student confirms having taken the class.
  • Student and tutor leave feedbacks and ratings for each other.

Concept and Goal

  • Acadsoc aspires to become the world’s largest online academic society offering the most comprehensive range of courses.
  • Acadsoc aims to bring your studies to life through our interactive teaching platform.
  • Acadsoc works to break down the boundaries of education.

Acadsoc Online Tutoring Platform Milestones

  • JuneStarted building a C2C Online Tutoring platform
  • July
    • Received investment funding of RMB20, 000,000 (USD3, 200,000)
    • Set up head office in Hong Kong and expanded IT team in China.
  • AugustExhibited and illustrated Online Tutoring technology to educators in the UK
  • FebruaryConducted exhibition in Hong Kong and received 1,000 student requests for free trial
  • AprilOptimized the platform and started gathering monthly evaluation from users
  • August Achieved a satisfaction rate of 70% from external users
  • SeptemberLaunched C2C & B2C “Ivy League Elite Tutors Online Tutoring” services in the US
  • SeptemberExtended services to Australia; project titled “Group of 8 Elite Tutors Online Tutoring”
  • DecemberEstablished self-developed EDM software
  • FebruaryObtained Online Education and Broadcasting License from the PRC government
  • MarchLaunched Acadsoc China website
  • MarchEmployed the first batch of teaching staff in India
  • AprilEmployed the first batch of marketing staff in India
  • AprilIntroduced “Instant Help” function for users to have Online Tutoring services without scheduling or the help from CS
  • MayLaunched a B2C & C2C Online Tutoring platform in China, targeting English language learners

Acadsoc Study Abroad Consultancy Milestones

  • July
    • Launched Study Abroad Consultancy services
    • Exhibited in a British Council education fair
    • Partnered with 10 high ranking UK boarding schools
  • January –
    • Exhibited in various education fairs in Hong Kong and mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou)
    • Partnered with over 30 high ranking UK boarding schools
  • August
    • Launched “Acadsoc Multiversity”
    • Launched “International Class” in China
  • SeptemberQualified as British Council accredited agents
  • DecemberPartnered with over 50 high ranking education institutions (including schools and universities) in the UK, the US, and other European countries
  • JanuaryRepresented our partner school in the British Council UK Education Fair
  • FebruaryParticipated in a training program in the UK which was organized by our partner school
  • AprilPartnered with over 60 high ranking education institutions from around the world

Acadsoc Video Learning Platform Milestones

  • FebruaryAlpha version completed (Traditional Chinese)
  • AprilBeta version completed (Traditional Chinese)
  • AprilFirst partnership established with a registered high school teacher
  • MayDeveloped “The Little Scientist” with principals in HK
  • JuneBeta version updated (English)
  • JuneEstablished partnerships with well-known HK educators
  • AugustOfficially launched
  • NovemberLaunched a “US Middle School Math Learning” program
  • FebruaryJoined hands with “Principal Chan Free Tutorial World”, a non-profit organization, and provided them with a cost-free video hosting platform
  • AprilPartnered with “The Chinese Society of Applied Psychology” to create a psychological healing video platform
  • AprilLaunched an Acadsoc self-developed mobile app: Math Ninja