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This course would be helpful for the high school students. I can take it as an entire course for students who are struggling with Chemistry or Single lessons who need help only with certain areas of Chemistry. CONTENT INORGANIC CHEMISTRY Unit 1- Atomic structure Unit 2 - Periodic classification Unit 3- Periodic table and properties of their elements Unit 4- Coordination compounds Unit 5- Nuclear Chemistry ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Unit 6- Isomerism in Organic chemistry Unit 7- Hydroxy derivatives Unit 8- Ethers Unit 9- Carbonyl compounds Unit 10- Organic Nitrogen compounds

Lessons & Syllabus :
  • Lesson 1 – Atomic Structure

    -basic structure of atoms -de Broglie relation, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle - Wave nature of an electron - Hybridization of atomic orbitals Hybridization involving s, p and d Orbitals - Types of forces between molecules.

  • Lesson 2 – Periodic Classification

    -Review of periodic properties - Calculation of atomic radii -Calculation of ionic radii

  • Lesson 3 – Periodic Table and properties

    -P-block elements -d-block elements -f-block elements

  • Lesson 4 – Co-ordination compounds

    - Isomerism in co-ordination compounds - Valence Bond theory -Werner's theory

  • Lesson 5 – Nuclear Chemistry

    - Nuclear fission and fusion -Radio-carbon dating

  • Lesson 6 – Isomerism in Organic Chemistry

    - Geometrical isomerism -Optical activity

  • Lesson 7 – Hydroxy Derivatives

    - Nomenclature of alcohols -Classification of alcohols -Preparation and properties of alcohols

  • Lesson 8 – Ethers

    Preparation and properties of Ethers

  • Lesson 9 – Carbonyl compounds

    -Nomenclature of carbonyl compounds - Comparison of aldehydes and ketones -General Method of preparation of aldehydes

  • Lesson 10 – Organic Nitro Compounds

    -Aliphatic nitro compounds Aromatic Nitro compounds


I'm doing my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Completed my HSC year 12. I took Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology in Year 12 I have more than a year experience in tutoring Chemistry and Mathematics

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