Acadsoc E-Classroom

Acadsoc E-Classroom is a perfect way for students and tutors to interact and makes it easy to conduct lessons without the hassle or cost of travel. It includes features such as desktop sharing, recording of lessons, chatting, annotating, hosting of multiple users, whiteboard for drawing and demonstrating. E-Classroom is a feature-rich, yet simple-to-use service for both individual and group classes.


  • Host multiple students in the same classroom
  • Set up in 5 seconds
  • Record Lessons
  • Draw and demonstrate over your work


1. The E-Classroom program run for the class each time will automatically cover the same program that has been installed before. Therefore, do not worry that the E-Classroom will increasingly occupy the memory of your computer.

2. It is very easy to use E-Classroom. You do not have to download anything before you get started. Just simply go to your Student/Tutor Dashboard, click “Book summary” and click “Awaiting class” and then click “Join the class”. Our website will direct you to log in to the E-Classroom.

How to use E-Classroom for tutors:

How to use E-Classroom for students:

E-Classroom functions: