Native Spoken Chinese 1524

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All level
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1 on 1
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Online (E-Classroom)
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Chinese-China (Native) , English-United States (Advanced)
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1. Refered to authentic spoken Chinese materials edited by Beijing Language and Culture University, the most useful Chinese expressions are taught for those who want to learn oral Chinese quickly. 2. You can also tell me what words you want to learn and it is tailored only for you. 3. I speak in fluent English to make the course smooth going


I taught a German classmate spoken Chinese in 2003. Now he can speak a lot of words that are frequently used. For example,“您好,您知道最近的地铁站在哪吗?” ("Excuse me, do you know where the nearest railway station is?") or “嗯,这挺好吃的”("Hmm, it tastes good")

Experience teaching the class: 1 year

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qinxuer (since 29/03/2014)

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Experience: 1 year 

Country: China

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  • Bachelor's student - 中国人民大学