Spanish Language 436

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All level
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1 on 1
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Online (E-Classroom)
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Spanish-Mexico (Native)
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¡Aprende Español con Óscar! Conversational Spanish Business Spanish Beginning Spanish (A1 - A2) Intermediate Spanish (B1 - B2) Advanced Spanish (C1 - C2) Looking forward to seeing you in one of my classes soon!


Hola, mi nombre es Oscar. Tengo 25 años. Soy de México y chef de cocina internacional. Soy un profesor de Español en linea con 3 años de experiencia. He trabajado con estudiantes de todas las edades y niveles. ¡Soy un maestro paciente, agradable y divertido! ¡Espero verte muy pronto en una de mis clases! I like working with all types of students from different backgrounds and ages. I like to share my culture and traditions with my students as I believe these are part of learning the Spanish language. I always plan my classes according to your necessities. My goal is to work with you on the skills you need and want to improve. I like to focus on grammar to learn the essentials to be able to able to have a conversation, so most of my classes are half grammar and half conversation. I like my students to be able to have a good neutral Mexican accent as it is an important accent in Latin America. During my classes I like to correct my students' mistakes as soon as I can so they can take notice on this and do not repeat them. I do assign homework as I believe it is necessary to practice what we learned. However; this is not mandatory as I understand some of my students can have a busy schedule already. I am very much looking forward to seeing you in one of my classes soon. Thank you for your time! Nos vemos pronto!

Experience teaching the class: 3 year

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sandovalcoscar (since 15/12/2017)

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Experience: 3 year 

Country: Mexico

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  • Bachelor's degree - Universidad Autónoma de México