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  • i want to teach english language

    i want to teach good english language to my student

    Category: Languages Grade/level: 6th

    Student: penshop29 Willing price: $20 - $25

    Post time:14:26 06/02/2018 Ends time: 06:26 06/03/2018

  • english

    i want teaching simple english and grammar to help the problem about the correct spelling

    Category: Academic subjects Grade/level: 6th

    Student: penshop29 Willing price: $10 - $15

    Post time:21:46 05/02/2018 Ends time: 13:46 05/03/2018

  • I want to learn spoken Englishe well.

    I can speak English for work, but my pronounciation is not so good, I cant speak fluently either, so I need more guide and practice. Wish a tutor who prounce clearly and exactly give me some guide.

    Category: Languages Grade/level: College

    Student: Fymanhe Willing price: $10 or below

    Post time:18:30 26/01/2018 Ends time: 10:30 26/02/2018

  • i wanna learned English langauage

    Hi Iam Erissa Cyrille Lozano Pacot, from Philippines and im willing to teach you

    Category: Academic subjects Grade/level: 4th

    Student: Peppamom20 Willing price: $10 - $15

    Post time:07:37 23/01/2018 Ends time: 23:37 22/02/2018